Our retired females

This page is dedicated to the Yorkies who built our recent stock - they are our love, our passion and our history. Thank you all breeders who entrusted us those wonderful dogs.

International Champion
Israeli,Greek,Cyprus,Russian, Finnish, Danish,Croatian & Bulgarian Champion
Mediteranean Winner-2005
Finnish Winner-2005

Sunrise v.Duke's Paradijs
" Sweety"

Sire: Int. Ch., Fin, Est Ch. Globe Trotter De Majodian
Dam: Lotus Eclise of Survival
Breeder: Henny v.d. Berg,v.Duke's Paradijs Yorkshire Terriers.
Birth date: 22.08.01

Sweety's pedigree

20 x CACIB, ReCAC at World Winner Show -2003,BIG& BIS placements.

Sweety's own page

Photos by Yigal Pardo.

Thank you Henny on entrusting this fabulous doggy in our hands.

Nautica-Charron van Samothrace

Sire:Ch.Lucky Luke of Survival
Dam: Tiffany van Samothrace
Breeder: J.H. Koevoets-Neef,the Netherlands
Birth date: 30.03.01

Without any doubt Noti played a very important role in our breeding program. Thank you Hanna& Henny for this fantastic female!

Noti's pedigree

Noti's own page

Ch.De Majodian La Diva

Sire:Fin& Rus Ch. De Majodian Free Style
Dam:Jolie Mome De Majodian
Breeder: Pascale Mark, Finland
My first show Yorkie, we learned a lot together...

Nebula van Duke's Paradijs

Sex: female
Sire: Ch. Lonely Tune's Northenlights
Dam: Lotus Eclise of Survival
Breeder: Henny v.d. Berg,the Netherlands
Birth date: 26.01.01

Bulka is one of the most funny doggies we ever had around.

De Majodian Qui Vive

Sire:Ch.De Majodian Excalibur
Dam:De Majodian Fame Is My Name
Breeder:Pascale Mark, Finland
Birth date: 11.05.02

Kiki came to us when she was 5 years old, but very fast became a part of our family.


Femme Fatale v.Duke's Paradijs

Sire:Masterpiece v.Duke's Paradijs
Dam:Naughty Nikita v.Duke's Paradijs
Birth date: 06.12.02
Breeder: Henny v.d. Berg, the Netherlands

Unfortunately, Fomka had only one litter, and the top of this litter was, of course, Glory

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