Our trip to St.Petersburg, Russia

December 2005

Thanks to Vitaliy,Natasha& Irina Zuchkova,
owners of our puppy Hatzlaha Mi Kochav Ha-Carmel, who made this photosession possible!

The Sphinx and my Sweety - Int.& Multi Ch.Sunrise v.Duke's Paradijs

Isakiy cathedral

Petr I

Neva river and view to a beautiful city....


On the left - Yanina& Sweety, on the right - Natasha& Barry.


Natasha, Sweety& Barry


Ice sculptures near Europa Hotel

Canal Griboedova

Cathedral "Spas na krovi"

I was very impressed by it's beauty:)


The purpose of this trip was first of all to visit Glory and her owners.
On the same opportunity I showed Sweety and Barry at shows in Russia& Finland.
On both shows in Russia Barry was Best of Breed, one day winning Reserve Best in Group and second day - 3d Best in Show, when Sweety went best of Sex both days.Both became Russian Champions.
On Finnish Winner show Sweety was Best of Breed, gained Finnish Winner-2005 title, became Finnish Champion.Barry was Best of Sex, gained as well Finnish Winner title, but was too young to become Finnish Champion. Next day, on Nordic Winner, both won ReCACIB.

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