Nosy Parker's Ms.Khiva

Born: 14/06/05
Parents Grandparents Great-grandparents Great-great-grandparents
Eur.Ch.Xcramble Sphynx van Queensland
(Red with white)
Charlie Chaplin Uut Uune
(Black Tabby Mackerel with white)
Van Kalibrahma's No Mercy
(Black Tabby with white)
Whiskerhill American Adventure
(Black mackerel Tabby with white)
Badyr's Merimat(Blue Tortie Mackerel Tabby and White)
Phe Mie Thalee
Int.Ch.Cosimo Moesasji
(Blue And White)
Int.Ch.Nefertiti Pyrrha
Koldunouea's Charlotte
(Tortie Mackerel Taby.)
Koldunouea's Geoffory
(Red Tonkinese Pointed)
Ashram Atok's Dream
(Chocolate Tonkinese Pointed)
Viola Fantasy van Anubis
(Black Tortie Mackerel Tabby)
Miki Sanuki's Tess
(Blue Tortie Tabby with white)
Yorklyn Swarzkopf
Miki Sanuki's Nikita
(blue cream tabby& white)
Int.Ch.Rainbow Warrior's Ms.Victoria

(Black Tabby)
Rainbow Warrior's Mr.Fortuyn
(Blue Mackerel Tabby)
Apophis Mr.Hairoic Warrior
(Black Mackerel Tabby)
Whiskerhill Rogaine
(red tabby)
Jamyne Bloo
(Blue Pointed)
Rainbow Warrior's Ms.Dana Golriz
Rainbow Warrior's Mr.Niwot
(Black Ticked Tabby)
Ch.Ms.Kayleigh van Amatan
Rainbow Warrior's Ms.Shakira
(Black Tortie)
Apophis Mr.Iroquois Warrior
(chocolate tabby tonkinese pointed)
Kitnhuyse Lloyds of London
(red& white tonkinese pointed)
Apophis Janvier
(Blue& white)
Rainbow Warrior's Ms.Serenka
(Black Tortie)
Rainbow Warrior's Mr.Pimpernel
Anomaly's Ms.Shoshone Warrior

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