Sphynx: introduction

Probably Canadian Sphynx is the most amazing kind of cats living indoors with people...

It could seem sometimes that Sphynx is even not a cat at all. Tenderness of a child, cunning of fox, adroitness of a monkey and wisdom of grey-haired with the years elder... All this thing join in Canadian's warm skin.

When to touch Sphynx for the first time you are impressed by hot velvet of its skin. Some people associate this skin to tender skin of a baby, others - with a peach heated by sun... With no doubt to realise all the delight of these cats it's insufficient only to see them. Without fail you have to touch them!

But if additionally to begin describing of this creature's exterior... Then it would be impossible to stop. They remind us both cats of ancient Egyptian frescoes and newcomers from other planets... They challenge delight in some people and amazed bewilderment in others.

Exotic appearance connected with excellent character win hearts of more and more people all over the world. And they already have own the hearts of ours without any special efforts.

In these pages you can read about:
Some facts about the history of the breed
Answers to frequently asked questions

And you certainly would meet these unique friends of ours - Canadian Sphynxes living with us. To do this you have to move to the page our cats, to see beautiful Sphynx photos made in our home by famous Israeli pet photographer Yigal Pardo please visit photo gallery. Or probably you'd like not only to admire them but also to get the most charming and attractive Sphynx of your own. To receive the information about kittens born in our cattery you are to drop into the page Kittens. You can see kittens who left our home and now living with their new owners on New Generation page.

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