Leiden 06 10 01

Yorkshire Terrier Results
Judge: Mrs. A.Kirk, Ireland
Best of Breed
Lucky Luuk of Survival
Best of Opposite Sex
Greenfields Miracle Lilly Marlene

Junior Class, Males

ex-1, class winner
706. Gian Little Dog from Anneville
Pedigree no:NHSB 2309650
Born:01 07 00
Sire: Amrar v.Samothrace
Dam: Thalitha Little Dog from Anneville

Very good
707.Hey I am from Maro's Little Home
Pedigree no:NHSB 2316154
Born:20 08 00
Sire: Lucky Day v.d. Yorkshire Cottage
Dam: Liza v.d. Yorkshire Cottage
Breeder/owner:v.d. Veen-Buyks

Intermedia class, males

Very good
705.Kft., Jgd.Ch. Camparis Lay Out
Pedigree no:ZB 25/0034295
Born:11 02 00
Sire: Ch. Aero's Country Classic
Dam: W.Ch. NicNak's She is a Keeper
Breeder: M.Ackermann
Owner: J.H. Hoogendijk

Open class, males

701. Proud Beauties Valco
Pedigree no:LOSH 798323
Born: 25.02.97
Sire: Proud Beauties Timothy
Dam: Proud Beauties Serafima
Breeder/owner: W. Spitters

702. Whispering Love's Liza
Pedigree no: NHSB 2218567
Born: 22.04.98
Sire: Streamglen Cabanasar
Dam: Ch. Sea Star's Pearl Of Diamond
Breeder: C.M.S. v.d. Meer
Owner: H. van Someren

Ex-1, CW, CAC, BOB
703. Lucky Luuk of Survival
Pedigree no: NHSB 2222811
Born: 11.01.99
Sire:Ch. Prosper of Survival
Dam:Sweet Rosy of Survival
Breeder:M.J.Jansen - Resoort

Ex-2, ReCAC
Lord of the Ring v.h. Polanerduin
Pedigree no: NHSB 2277502
Born: 13.10.99
Sire: Int.Ch. Ozmillion Adulation
Dam: Promise of Kiss v.h. Polanerduin
Breeder/owner: F& C.Rombouts

Junior class, bitches

716.Bobette Little Dog from Anneville
Pedigree no: NHSB 2307651
Born: 01.07.00
Sire: Amrar v. Somothrace
Dam: Thalitha Little Dog from Anneville
Breeder: C.J. Dorssen-Bieman
Owner:J. de Haan

Ex-1, CW,ReCAC
717.Elaine Little Dog from Anneville
Pedigree no: NHSB 2309652
Born: 01.07.00
Sire: Amrar v.Somothrace
Dam: Thalitha Little Dog from Anneville
Breeder/owner: C.J. Dorssers-Biemans

Very good
718. Whispering Love's Cover Girl Brenda
Pedigree no: NHSB 2322085
Born: 10.07.00
Sire: Private of Milmoor
Dam: Whispering Love's Cover Girl
Breeder/owner:C.M.S. v.d. Meer

Very good
719. Look of Lover v.h. Polanerduin
Pedigree no: NHSB 2303090
Born: 14.09.00
Sire: Jubilant v.h. Polanerduin
Dam: Ozmillion Dream& Kiss
Breeder:F& C. Rombouts
Owner:J. v.d. Deyl Hendriks

Very good
720. My Ceasar's Own Kay Dee
Pedigree no: NHSB 2321005
Born: 15.11.00
Sire:Ch. Ozmillion Adulation
Dam: My Ceasar's Own Belle Helene
Breeder/owner: G.J. v.d. Meijden

Intermedia class, bitches

710. Proud Beauties Zelia
Pedigree no: LOSH 0861781
Born: 15.01.00
Sire: Proud Beauties Thebes
Dam: Proud Beauties Urzela
Breeder/owner: Spitters& J.van Prehn

711.My Ceasar's Own Bella Donna
Pedigree no:NHSB 2276841
Born: 30.01.00
Sire: My Ceasar's Own Barry
Dam: My Ceasar's Own Tina
Breeder/owner: G.J. v.d. Meijden

712. Nautica Charan v. Samothrace
Pedigree no:NHSB 2297879
Born: 14.02.00
Sire: Int.Ch. Prosper of Survival
Dam: Traada v. Samothrace
Breeder: J.H. Koevoets-Neef
Owner: M.Vos

Very good
713.Dijnja of the Clever Dog's
Pedigree no:NHSB 2287283
Born: 11.03.00
Sire: My Shadow v. Sint Rosahof
Dam: Gill of the Clever Dog's
Breeder: C.E.J.van Dijk-Veltman
Owner: G.R. Lemoin-v.d.Lei

714.Greenfields Miracle Lilly Marlene
Pedigree no:NHSB 2297902
Born: 28.03.00
Sire:Dorway's What a Handsome Face
Dam: Ch. Camparis Baby Blue
Breeder/owner: J.H. Hoorgerdijk-Groeneveld

Very good
715. Natasja-Jo My Precious Blue Stars
Pedigree no:NHSB 2296791
Born: 17.04.00
Sire:Int.Ch. Eris Mistery of the Night
Dam: Chama My Precious Blue Stars
Breeder/owner: J.W. van Leeuwenkamp

Open class, bitches

Ex-1, Class Winner
708. Calypso v.Samothrace
Pedigree no: NHSB 2267162
Born: 29.09.99
Sire: Angel Romero de La Villa Y Corte
Dam: Tolouse v.Samathrace
Breeder/owner: J.H.Koevoets-Neef

Ex - 2
709. De Majodian La Diva
Pedigree no: ISBR 11215
Born: 10.03.00
Sire: Fin& Rus. Ch.De Majodian Free Style
Dam: Jolie Mome De Majodian
Breeder: Pascale Mark
Owner: Vilenchik Yanina